Monday, February 22, 2016

                  what do vegans eat?

   People always ask me  "what can vegans eat". Usually people think all we eat is salad and lettuce.We pretty much eat the same things as everyone else, but just in a different way. The first question I get asked when someone hears that I don't meat is "how do you get your protein". We have been taught since childhood that we need tons of protein to be healthy, and that the best form of protein is meat. Both of these assumptions are wrong. Actually there are higher amounts of protien in some vegatables. Humans actually need less protein than we think, and it's simple to get it all from non-meat sources. Americans actually eat twice the amount of protien we need. Another question vegans get is "how do you get your calcium" actually you can get calcium from plants and it is much better for your body. It is very strange that we drink cow milk if you think about it It is very strange. An animal's baby drinks milk from his mother so he will grow strong and as big as that mother. Why are we trying to grow as big and strong as a cow? Also the way we treat them is horrible baby cows are ripped away from their mother just a few days after birth. Humans are meant to drink their mothers' milk until they are weaned onto solid food. Cows are meant to drink their mothers' milk until they are several hundred pounds and ready to eat grass all day long in a field. It's not natural for us to drink another animal's milk, but we drink gallons and gallons of it because we think it will give us great calcium and protein.

this is some of the foods vegans eat


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

                                        why be vegan?

A lot of people think being a vegan is extreme. As humans we are compassionate and care for other living beings, so why is it okay to eat a cow rather than a dog? simply because we live with our pets and create strong bonds with them and see how they are. It is not a norm for us to eat household pets, but if we were raised on thinking so we wouldn't think twice about it. We are raised on thinking it is okay to eat a cow, chicken and fish, we are also raised to think we NEED the protein from animals when actually we don't, in fact it is the opposite. A list of diseases are associated with eating meat. Eating meat actually hardens your blood vessels, when you eat it you literally have rotting meat in your stomach. People just think vegans are vegan simply for the animals but it is much more than that, it is also part of environment. Meat impacts the environment more than any other food we eat, mainly because livestock require much more land, food, water, and energy than plants to raise and transport. So before u eat that piece of steak just think how it got on your plate. At least be aware of whats going on.