Wednesday, April 20, 2016

factory farming: 

why its bad for the environment, people and the economy. 

  If you don't know what a factory farm is it is where large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost. It doesn't just affect the animals, it affects all of us. Huge meat companies have steadily driven down the prices farmers receive for the livestock they raise. Small farms have been replaced by factory farms that pollute the air and water.The meat industry tells consumers that factory farms are modern, efficient and produce cheap food. But factory farms leave consumers with fewer choices and make them pay more for meat and dairy products, while farmers get paid less. Factory farms increase the risk of E. coli and salmonella that cause deadly illness in people. Chickens and hogs on factory farms have no access to the outdoors, fresh air or natural light. Cattle on factory farms do not graze on pasture. And the pressure put on animals to grow quicker and produce more meat or milk results in lots of health problems. Most of the egg- laying hens peck each other because they are so frustrated  of living in these horrible conditions they get a heated blade and partially amputate their beaks. This is equal to if you cut your fingers down to the knuckle. Sometimes it is so painful they cannot eat and just starve. This is a picture of a chicken getting her beak chopped off. 
There are so many horrible things animals go through for just food on your plate. This is why people go vegan, to stop supporting the torturing of animals. Animals cant speak up for themselves and when they act out they are put down. Being vegan is not only fighting for animal rights but it is also healthier for you and your body and for the earth. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Is being vegan more expensive? 

   A majority of people think vegans are like rich or something, but the fact is eating a plant based diet is not that expensive. Yes fruits and veggies cost money. Especially when they're not in season. But vegans don't have to spend money on meat or chicken or any kind of animal flesh. You could actually save money going vegan. 

   Americans spend so much money on meat. Its insane when u actually put it in to perspective. Tips on how to save even more money than what you would already be saving if you went vegan. First tip is buy fruits that are in season. They'll be so much cheaper and taste so so good. Another tip if to shop at trader joe's. They have so many great deals and its easy to see whats vegan because they put a giant V on the packaging. You don't have to shop at whole foods but if you do the frozen vegan section is your best friend. Amy's Vegan pizza is cheap and taste so good and is a quick meal. So you save money going vegan and help the enviroment AND its great for your body.