Tuesday, May 17, 2016

why you should buy vegan beauty products?

By choosing vegan beauty products you will definitely be avoiding dead animal by-products from touching your skin. Which could irritate your skin. These by-products include things like uric acid extracted from cows, dead insect extracts, beeswax and other harmful stuff. Vegan cosmetics and accessories come with packaging that has been made from recycled materials. Vegan brands are known to be extremely cautious about their packaging designs and materials. Also they are cheaper. you also dont give money to the cruel companies
that test on animals.
This is what animals go through for your product.

A brave young woman decided to undergo the same tests that the 

animals undergo in testing for cosmetics, soaps and other beauty 

products. she had to go through mouth torn, products in the 

eye, electrodes placed on the head, shaving the skul. The experiment

took place in the English Lush Store. I think this was a great way 

to spread awarness.

This is so cruel and I cant wrap my mind that this is legal. There 

are so many amazing cruelty free brand on the market. You do not 

need to harm an animal for beauty.

Here is a list of cruelty free makeup brands:

Hopefully you recognize some brands and take into consideration to 

support these brands instead of the ones that test on animals.Buying 

cruelty free makeup is better for your skin and better for the 


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  1. awesome post! recently just switched over to cruelty-free products and it's going great so far! I actually did not know that colour pop was cruelty-free. This post has helped me a lot, thnks Nas!