Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cows milk belongs to cows

Why milk is bad for you

  We grew up to believe milk is good for you and your bones, when infact is ti the complete opposite. Im not talking about any milk, but milk that comes from other animals. Milk now isnt what it used to be back then. Milk is now a prcessed food. Back then milk used to be consumed unpazturized or raw. Now milk has a ton of chemicals in it like antibiodics used to give the cattle, also there are so many hormones in milk it is horrible for your body. If its not your mom its not your milk. Cows milk belongs to cows. Humans are the only animals in the world that takes anothers animals milk for consumption. We are only suppose to drik our mothers milk. Cows milk is made to make a 65 pound calf into a 400 pound adult cow. Also we barely take in calcium in cowns milk. Studies have shown that milk can actually create osteoporosis. Dermatologists have actaully seen a connection with milk and acne and did a study and yes milk does cause acne and or weight gain because it is not meant for us to consume. A good alternative is almond milk or cashew milk. No animals are harmed in the making of them and they taste delicious and are great for our body.


  1. I have read about this before. It is shocking that milk has so many negative effects. I shouldn't drink milk as often as I do now.

  2. I watched a video on this before and I know I shouldn't drink it but I like it lol

  3. i used to drink regular milk, but my mom switched to almond and soy milk