Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My favorite vegan places

 There are so many vegan places but I'm going to share with you some of my favorites and how I discovered them. Well one weekend I was sleeping over my friends house and we woke up and wanted to go somewhere to eat. One of my friends suggested hop, the only thing vegan at ihop is their breakfast potatoes so me and my 3 other vegan friends said no. We decided to go and drive around trying to find a place. We couldnt find anything so we googled vegan restaurnt in my area and we found our soon to be favorite restaurant. Its called temple kitchen and its right next to one of our favorite vegan pizza place. The workers at temple kitchen are so nice and friendly and its a cozy little cafe with amazing food. Ever since that weekend me and my friends have gone back every weeek to try something new off the menu. My favorite thing ive eaten there is their acai bowl which is a ton of fruit ontop of this acai fruit smoothie. Very simple but its delicious. We also love going to mellow mushroom which is three doors down from temple kitchen. They make the best veggie burger and vegan pizza. 

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